The Bathroom Blog - From Lavish Lavatories to Woeful Washrooms

For the longest time, I had an irrational fear of sitting down on foreign toilets. Not toilets from or in other countries specifically, but really any toilet that wasn’t in my home. The few times I moved, it took me a solid couple of weeks to get acquainted with my new porcelain throne. But this psychological constipation made me hyper-aware of the bathrooms I would enter. There are a ton of bathrooms that lack character, but I started to discover that even the most boring of "business offices" offered small details that I feel are worth mentioning. 

I have since mostly gotten over this irrational fear (I still hesitate before popping a squat and if there are paper seat covers you know  I'm using them) but I now have decided to document the bathrooms I pay patron to. I will rate and review based on a whole spectrum of merits ranging from themes to Dyson Airblades and, of course, smell.

So grab your gal pal, because I'm getting up from the table and need to use the restroom!